Indian Prefolds vs. Chinese prefolds

Question:  What is the difference between Chinese and Indian Prefolds?

The main difference between Chinese and Indian prefolds is simply where they are made.  Chinese prefolds are made in China and Indian prefolds are made in Pakistan.  Both diapers will get the job done since both are diaper service quality.  Diaper service quality means the diapers are tough and can withstand many more washes then other prefolds on the market.  This is not to say that there aren’t some other minor differences.

Traditionally most parents use Indian prefolds for cloth diapering.  Indian prefolds are softer and usually slightly more absorbent.  Indian prefolds use a twill weave.  They are still 100% cotton but the weave itself allows the Indian prefolds to quilt up more when washed. The more quilting usually the more absorbent.

Chinese prefolds are made using a gauze weave.  Because a gauze weave is tightly woven the diapers tend to stay smooth and not pucker like Indian prefolds once washed.  Most of the time we suggest Chinese prefolds for making burp cloths since they lay more flat after washing.

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