Types of Cloth Diaper Fasteners

Question: I see there are a few options for cloth diaper fasteners.  Can you help explain the difference between them?

We carry three types of fasteners.  There’s your old fashioned diaper pins, Snappi Diaper fasteners, and Boingo fasteners.


Diaper pins have been the standard for many decades.  Talk to any of your grandparents or even parents and cloth diapers were prefolds, plastic pants, and diaper pins.  Many moms are intimidated by the idea of using diaper pins thinking they are going to some how injure their child.  I can assure you if you keep your finger between your baby and the diaper as you pin through the diaper, you won’t hurt your baby. Pins are the most economical fasteners and most secure so don’t be afraid of using traditional diaper pins.  Also keep in mind that pins work especially well with infants who try to take their diapers off. Locking pins keep the diaper secure and keep your child from undoing their diapers.


Snappi Diaper Fasteners have been around for the last 25 years.  They were invented as an alternative to pins.  Snappi have small plastic teeth that hook into the diaper material on the left, right, and center of the diaper.  They are easy to use and are usually much simpler to fasten when compared to pins.  Simply hold the center of the Snappi and stretch first the right side and hook the diaper material, then left, and then stretch down the center.  Your cloth diaper will then fit securely on your baby.  These work best with our prefolds and flats because of the loosely woven material.  Be careful if you are using them with diapers made from bamboo or other delicate materials since the teeth of the Snappi can snag the material and cause holes.


Last but not least are Boingo cloth diaper fasteners.  These were released just a few years ago and have been a major hit with moms. Boingo fasteners come in sets of 2 just like diaper pins.  They are stretchy and have plastic teeth just like Snappi fasteners.  Unlike Snappi they are a one size fits all fastener and also don’t have the tummy pressure that Snappi’s have in the center.  We’ve also noticed that the plastic teeth on Boingo fasteners tend to face slightly more down and inward.  This makes it less likely you’ll poke yourself on some of teeth.

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