Better Late Then Never… A Little About the Flats Challenge

So a few months have passed and we’ve been really busy here at  We’ve had new hires, a sick owner, and a new pregnancy all within the last couple of months.  The good news is that as August approaches we are finally getting back to normal here.  We’ve been busy adding a bunch of diapers that I haven’t even had time to test out.  Hopefully this Friday I can get around to testing the new Buttons Diapers for everyone.  In the meantime I’m going through pictures and notes I wrote out about the Flats and Handwashing Challenge that I participated in all the way back in May.


If you are new to cloth diapering you probably have never heard of this event.  However, in the cloth diapering community it’s been going on for 5 years.  The challenge helps to show you that no matter your circumstances you can cloth diaper affordably.  This means if you don’t have access to washer or dryer, you can’t afford all in ones or pockets, or if you have a very limited budget.  I was able to complete the challenge with the use of 2 dozen bleached flats, 4 Thirsties covers, and the use of a hand-washer.  All of this totaled for less then $100.  You only do the challenge for a week, which is good because by day seven I was ready quit and use my washer again.

20150513_132302       The experience leaves you humbled.  After a few days or hand agitating your hands start to callus and your husband starts to threaten divorce over the fact you have taken up the entire upstairs bathroom.   Did I mention I used our upstairs jetted tub?  I’ll have to write another blog post just on cleaning that out.  You also learn that you don’t want to use too much soap or it will take 30 extra minutes to get it out of the diapers.   You start admire what older generations have gone through to diaper their children.  It also shows you that with less then $100 you can diaper a child, and since unforeseen financial circumstance can happen at any time that knowledge is reassuring.

Will I do it next year?  Sure.  In the meantime though I will continue to be ever so grateful for my washer and dryer.

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