Diaper Insert Snob & Buttons One Size Covers Giveaway

We’ve been using the Buttons Cloth Diaper Covers for the past 3 weeks. For just $11.00 they are simply a steal. While Button’s manufactures amazingly simple inserts that snap into the cover, I’ve been using the prefolds I already own. Typically I can get away with using a flat, but Abby has needed some extra absorbency at night.

I realized that I do not own a single microfiber insert. In fact all I own for inserts are natural cotton fiber inserts like prefolds, flats, and bamboo cotton diapers. Over the years microfiber has been given a pretty bad reputation for being hard to clean causing ammonia build-up and stink so I just never tried it.

Today I’m buying my first hemp and microfiber inserts. It may end badly but I feel like companies sell microfiber inserts because of their super strength absorbency. We are definitely in need of absorbency since Abby is getting bigger by the week.

I’m branching out, but I’m also in need of suggestions fellow moms! What is your favorite diaper insert? Just enter the giveaway below and tell me what insert you love for a chance to win 1 Marina & 1 Pebble Buttons Diaper Cover. The giveaway closes August the 14th at 2pm MST.

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13 thoughts on “Diaper Insert Snob & Buttons One Size Covers Giveaway

  1. Probably my bamboo inserts for the Lalababy diapers I have. I have a lot of microfiber inserts in pocket diapers, and they are fine, the bamboo is really my favorite, though.

  2. I’m a fan of a hemp insert paired with a bamboo insert. It is an unbeatable combination for my daughter right now.

  3. I am extremely new to cloth diapering like just today brand new. My poor baby has been getting aweful rashes on her bum ( like i had to take her to the er bad) and i have tried every brand under the sun. Cloth diapering is my last resort and i dont have a huge collection. If we won these they would be so greatly appreciated!

  4. I’m very new to cloth diapering but I’m loving the sound if bamboo inserts. Soft, sustainable super absorbent and natural….what’s not to love!

  5. I don’t know what my favorite insert is because I will be new to cloth diapers, I’m pregnant with my first baby!

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