Velcro or Snap Closures? It’s Nice Having Options

Ever look at a One Size diaper and think that the manufacturer couldn’t possibly fit any more snaps on this diaper? Sometimes I just don’t have time to go through and navigate all of these snap settings on a diaper while corralling my 4 month old who is attempting to kick me in the face because she’s hungry. This is why we’ve become a Velcro family in the past few months.

Velcro provides you a much more customizable fit. Since snaps are spaced every half inch or so, you sometimes can’t get that perfect fit you are looking for. When your baby is squirming all over the place it can be much quicker to just adjust the diaper with Velcro then trying to click in 4 of the correct snaps with a moving target. If you don’t align those snaps just right it is going to cause a leak.

Have you ever tried to use a snap diaper cover in the middle of the night? The lights are off and you are doing your best to keep baby calm so he/she doesn’t wake up to play at 2am. The last thing I wanted to do was try to match up snaps in the middle of the night. In the morning you see that you have one of the tabs on the rise setting instead on the waist and she’s peed through everything.  Then again this could just be from lack of sleep.

This is not to say that we will be a Velcro family for long. Velcro doesn’t last nearly as long. I know most of my Velcro covers won’t make it to a second child since they are already starting to lose their stickiness. Even with laundry tabs, diaper covers come out of the wash attached to everything! At night that loud Velcro sound is enough to wake the baby when taking the diaper off. Did I mention I’m not looking forward to when she can take her diaper off? We will definitely be in snaps as soon as that starts to happen.

This is why it’s nice to have options. I’m glad cloth diaper manufacturers know our diapering dilemmas and bless us with snaps or Velcro closures. I think there’s a time and a place for both and you shouldn’t exclude one or the other from your stash until you give them both a try.

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